The word YAMA has special meaning to our practitioners. In the practice of yoga, the "Yamas" and their complement "Niyamas" are the tenets of health and wellbeing. They include ways to live with restraint, self-control and discipline, and be a supportive and right-living member of a society. The most-frequently referenced "8 limbs" are: Ahimsa/non-violence, Satya/truthfulness, Asteya/non-stealing, Brahmacharya/awareness of the universe, Kshama/patience, Daya/compassion, Shaucha/purity. And in the Japanese language, "Yama" translates to Mountain, as in our logo. Here in Colorado we are surrounded by mountains, in which each of us can find beauty and challenge, peace and exertion, meditation and release. Join us and find your own meaning for "Yama."


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Katherine Mocho (owner) is a certified personal trainer (ACE, NESTA, ITCA) with a ten-year background in outdoor fitness and a degree in Clinical Psychology. Katherine's approach to training is an holistic one, and she started Yama Training and Wellness in order to provide clients with multiple body and mind health options that fit into clients' busy schedules. She provides one-on-one personal training and assisted stretching, along with nutrition and wellness counseling, tailoring each package and session to the client's goals, fitness levels, and daily needs. Katherine is also involved in many outdoor sports including triathlon, road biking, rock climbing, horseback riding and hiking, and is happy to provide training sessions with an outdoor component at client request.​ Katherine is available at a studio location in downtown Denver, or for mobile training in the areas surrounding the Denver core.

Marissa Young is a certified personal trainer who has been involved in outdoor fitness her entire life, with experience rock, mountain and ice climbing, mountain and road biking, hiking, backpacking and camping. Her sessions are primarily for those interested in gaining or improving an outdoor skill, or enjoying a personal training session in the beautiful outdoor areas around our city. As a lifetime vegetarian and longtime vegan with a degree in Clinical Psychology, Marissa can also provide insights on diet, total body health, and how to make exercise a part of daily life. Marissa is currently available for mobile training in Colorado Springs; please use the form below to contact her for information and a quote.